Alison Day – Maidstone

“When I started looking for therapists Maidstone I was absolutely convinced that I was never going to feel happy again. I broke down in tears every day and felt overwhelmed by small setbacks. I felt there was no light at the end of the tunnel and that I be would be miserable for the rest of my life.

“I had never been to see a Councillor before and I cried a lot in the first session. But I trusted Alison and felt comfortable with her. By enabling me to accept that I had been affected by certain experiences in my life and it was understandable and OK for me to be feeling this way was a huge relief. Just hearing someone say that and also tell me that I wasn’t necessarily always going to feel this way made me feel happier than I had in years. I started therapy feeling ashamed, like I’d failed in not being able to cope with my life”

“Alison made me see that it was ok to talk to a professional and took the stigma away for me. Most of my friends now know I have been for therapy and have been nothing but positive about it. I couldn’t tell you how Alison does what she does. All I know is that she made me feel secure enough to face things I had previously avoided by listening, pushing me when I needed it and guided me. Alison seemed to have a genuine interest in my journey with her. I ended up doing 10 sessions in all and I left feeling calmer, hopeful and happier. I couldn’t ask for more”

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