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My name is Dolores Fernandez and I am a fully qualified adult and child therapist (age 13+) based at CBT and Counselling Gravesend practice. I hold a Diploma in ‘Integrative Counselling’ with over 10 years’ experience. I also am an accredited member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy).

Being an ‘Integrative Therapist’ means I hold the view that no single therapeutic approach can treat every person in all situations. Instead I believe that each person needs to be considered as a whole so I will tailor my work to suit your individual needs and circumstances.

Issues of difference and equality can impact the therapeutic relationship by presenting barriers to relating.  Diversity and difference are something we all have in common, both visible and non-visible. My aim is to engage everybody I see in a healthy and professional relationship.

My experience

I previously worked as a ‘Primary Care Psychological Therapist’ (PCPT) for North Kent ‘Mind’. Where I provided short and long-term therapy for people with a wide range of problems.

I have experience working with issues such as, anxiety, depression PTSD and complex trauma. Along with autism, borderline personality disorders, self-harming, eating disorders and addiction. My work also covers relationship issues, sexuality or sexual issues and anger management along with experience in working with LGBTQ+.

My work with young people has been both privately and within the school setting. I am trained in trauma techniques for young people and have over ten years in both a counselling and advisory role.

My specialist area is the impact of sexual abuse and rape for both males and females of any age.  I am a qualified ‘Independent Sexual Violence Advisor’ which means I provided support for both adults and children from report to court and through the criminal justice system.

Adult Therapy

Therapy is most effective through working together during our sessions. I will ask you what you hope to achieve through having therapy so we have a goal to work towards. That is only if you know of course. Sometimes people seek counselling in order to find clarity in their life. That’s OK, we can work that out together so you are able to have more understanding as to what you like to achieve or change.

The feedback I have received from past clients is that I am warm, understanding and approachable. I am also told that I have a calm, soft demeanour with a professional approach. My aim is to build a therapeutic relationship with you through acknowledging and validating your feelings.

I will listen to what has led you to seek therapy using the ‘person-centred approach’. This approach offers you freedom of expression and reflection on your own life. If you feel you would benefit from exploring your past and your sense of self then I will use the ‘Psychodynamic’ approach which helps by gaining an understanding of long-standing conflicts from your past. Hopefully enabling you to become more self-aware and bring what is unconscious into consciousness.

I may well use ‘Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) which will helps make the connection between how your thoughts affect your feelings and consequently your behaviour. This can be especially beneficial for people who experience anxiety and depression be giving you the right tools to help you move forward more positively.

Young Person Therapy

I understand that children/teenagers often require a different approach to therapy, which is often age dependent. I will work towards building a trusting relationship with your child in order for them to feel comfortable enough to open up to me about what is troubling them.

Not only do I offer a safe space to talk, I also provide a range of creative resources depending on the needs of your child. I work to empower a child and encourage self-expression.

An open relationship between therapist and a young person provides an environment where they feel safe enough to be honest, without a fear of being judged. When your child feels properly heard and fully understood, they are able to move forward more positively.

I work with problems such as bullying both face to face and online. Anxiety, anger and depression. Along with help for issues with peer or family relationships.

Young people in early adolescence and middle adolescence, do of course have their own characteristics. Therefore, it is important I tune into this to build a supportive relationship. So, I will adjust my work based on each individual. I will adapt to their needs by listening, talking, drawing, or through creative exercises.

Ethical Standards

As a member of BACP I subscribe to their code of ethics. This includes undertaking continuous professional development and clinical Supervision.

I am DBS checked and hold professional indemnity insurance in order to be able to practice.

If you wish to consider medication or are seeking a medical diagnosis or  medical report. An an appointment with your GP or a Consultant Psychiatrist would be more appropriate.

If you would like to make an appointment to see Dolores at CBT and Counselling Gravesend then please contact via CBT and Counselling Kent today. Link – Request an appointment

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