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Online Couples Therapy

At CBT & Counselling Kent we find it increasingly common people to find the time for face to face therapy. This is often due to location, long working hours/work travel or difficulties around childcare. To meet this demand, we have introduced online therapy via Zoom.

What is online therapy?

Online counselling is a new way of delivering therapy via the Internet. It’s just like face-to-face therapy except you and communicate with your therapist via your computer. Online counselling can prove as effective as the face-to-face alternative for some peop;e.

Thanks to today’s technology, help can come right into your office or home at a time that is convenient for you. This means that, even if you’re travelling for business, you can meet with your therapist without missing an appointment.

The benefits of online therapy

It’s unlikely that traditional face to face  therapy will be replaced by online counselling. However, studies show, that it can be a good option for lots of people.

You can see and hear your counsellor and they can see and hear you, so the experience is very close to that of face to face counselling.

You don’t have to live nearby. So, you can choose which of our couple counsellors you would like to see because they offer a particular approach

You can have counselling from the convenience and privacy of your own home or office, which saves time and money.

You get to have a similar experience to face to face counselling but without the exposure which can be daunting for some.

However, online therapy is not for every body in every situation. Some people are much more comfortable with the immediacy of face to face counselling and there are some issues that are much better dealt with face to face. 

Our therapists belong to an accredited body for counsellors and psychotherapists. When online counselling, they are still bound by the same professional code of ethics as face-to-face therapy.

How to access Zoom

Zoom is free to download and easy to use (see links below). All you need is register for an account, a computer or a tablet with a webcam and microphone. Alongside a reliable internet connection. 

Click here for – How to download Zoom

If you would like to book an appointment for an online therapy session then please contact us at CBT & Counselling Kent today. 


A 60 minute session – £60 – payable by bank transfer prior to the appointment. 



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