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Hello, my name is Anna and I am a fully qualified ‘Integrative Therapist’ offering adult and child counselling in Faversham. I am trained to work with both adults and children (age 11+) and I’m an accredited member of the ‘British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy’ (BACP).

An ‘integrative therapist approach’ is essentially holistic. This means I will look at you as a whole person with a past, a present and a future. I provide a calm, compassionate and accepting space for us to understand together what is troubling you.

My Experience

I am inclusive and respect diversity so I will welcome you as you are. My adult therapy experience is wide ranging and includes the LGBTQ+ community.  My work with young people spans across both school and university settings.

I have a breadth of personal, professional and cultural experience, which includes living abroad and I also speak Spanish.

My therapy can help you with a wide range of issues which might be affecting your life. Such as anxiety, panic disorders, depression, bereavement and loss. Also relationship problems (including abusive relationships), traumatic experience, feelings of sadness and isolation, low self-esteem, lack of motivation and identity issues. I will ensure you feel comfortable enough to share anything with me in my counselling space.

My approach with adults

My aim is to create a safe, trusting relationship between us. Therefore, I will welcome you with openness and empathy, enabling you to feel a sense of trust and safety. I will value you as a unique individual with your own way of experiencing the world.

I listen, I ask questions and together we build a picture of who you are, what is troubling you and how you can find a way forward that feels better for you. Together, we will help you find the skills and strategies so you can embrace your future.

I may incorporate a ‘cognitive’ approach which looks at your thoughts and how negative thinking patterns can affect the way you feel and behave. Learning mindfulness and self-compassion practice can be part of this.

If relevant, we can help you make sense of your relationships and how your past may influence how you feel in the present. We can uncover ways you may be self-critical or judge yourself harshly. I will help you find ways to soothe yourself if you feel out of control.

How I work with young people

I offer a calm, nurturing environment, in order for your child to feel safe enough to trust me with what is troubling them. For a young person, growing up and understanding their feelings can be challenging. Therefore, being able to express how they feel in an unbiased, non-judgemental and understanding space is extremely comforting.

Depending on the age of a child we might use drawing, artwork and stories to make sense of feelings which can feel big and confusing. I offer support with problems such as anxiety and depression, issues surrounding friendships, school, bullying and family troubles. Also with problems around food or self-harm.

Better than giving advice, we focus together on finding ways of coping that will help now and in the future. For a young person to feel that life is manageable and enjoyable is highly valuable – and this is at the heart of my work.

Ethical Standards

I’m an accredited member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). I work within their Ethical Framework to ensure that I am practicing to high professional standards. This requires that I undertake frequent training to update my skills and knowledge and have regular supervision to safeguard my work. I offer a confidential service that operates within clear boundaries. I also have an enhanced DBS check.

If you would like to make an appointment to see Anna for adult or child counselling in Faversham, please contact her via CBT and Counselling Kent today. Request an appointment





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