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My name is Sally Cloke and I’m fully qualified therapist for both adult and child counselling Ashford (Brabourne). I’m a BACP (British Association Counsellors & Psychotherapists) accredited ‘Integrative Counsellor which means I draw upon a wide range of different therapeutic approaches to meet your individual needs.

My aim is to build a trusting, non-judgemental therapeutic relationship between us, which should enable you to feel deeply understood and fully accepted for who you are.

I have gained a wealth of experience counselling across private, public and voluntary sectors.

Adult counselling

I consider myself to be warm, approachable and kind with an aim to provide a safe, confidential environment. In other words, when the quality of therapy is high quality you will feel much better placed to open up and talk through what is troubling you.

With my help you will achieve a better understanding of yourself. This understanding builds confidence, leading you to be more able to identify your own solutions to the problems you face. This feeling of empowerment will enable you to move past any problematic thoughts or feelings. This will result in you moving forward in a more positive way.

I also use the tools of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)  in order to help you move forward more postively. CBT is highly effective in overcoming anxiety, depression anger to name a few of the unhelpful emotions.

Child counselling Ashford

Alongside working with children in private practice, I also have experience counselling children in both residential and fostering settings and young people statemented with Autism.

Not only do I offer a safe space to talk, I also provide a range of creative resources depending on the needs of your child. In my experience, younger children benefit from having opportunities to work in a creative way. Therefore, I use a range of materials such as clay, drawing or games to encourage them to open up. Above all young people are more comfortable when the focus is directed away from them. I work to empower a child and encourage self-expression.

In conclusion, an open relationship between therapist and child provides an environment where they feel safe enough to be honest, without a fear of being judged. When your child feels properly heard and fully understood, they are able to move forward more positively. More about counselling for children

Ethical standards

I subscribe to and work within the UKCP Code of Ethics and the BACP Ethical Framework and undertake regular professional development. Alongside holding professional indemnity insurance.

If you wish to consider medication, or are seeking a medical diagnosis or a medical report. The an appointment with your GP or a Consultant Psychiatrist would be more appropriate

If you would like to make an appointment to see Sally for either adult or child counselling Ashford (Brabourne). Please contact her via CBT and Counselling Kent today. Request an appointment

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