Sian Jones – Anxiety treatment Ashford

“I started seeing Sian for CBT about 3 months ago for some anxiety treatment and a lack of confidence. I have to say it was the best thing I have ever done and only wish I had done it years ago rather than suffering in silence. It was such a relief. Even after the first session I began to feel better. The CBT  takes place in a lovely warm room which smells really nice and that seemed to help too!”

“Sian is so warm and understanding and she seemed to know exactly how I was feeling. I honestly thought I was the only person to be feeling like I did and that I was going mad or a bit of a freak. Sian reassured me that the feelings I had were really common, especially with the pressures we have nowadays. We talked through, in detail, when my problems first started which enabled me to understand myself and gave me a reason behind why I might be feeling like I did”

“Sian asked me ‘how I would like to feel by the end of therapy’ and this was the goal we worked towards. She explained that we had to know what we were trying to achieve from the outset. Another counsellor I went to before Sian just sat there and nodded, this actually made me feel worse because I didn’t feel like he understood. Sian didn’t do that; although she is a fantastic listener she also gave me some practical advice and guidance on how to deal with the physical feelings I had when I felt low and anxious. This was really useful as I felt she was still with me, helping me, even when I wasn’t in a session”.

“I could waffle on for ages about the merits of Sian’s CBT but I won’t. I just to finish by saying I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!”

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