Is Your Child Suffering In Silence?

child counselling

Child counselling

We understand that when a parent seeks child counselling there few things in life that are more worrying than when your child/teenager is experiencing emotional difficulties. Whether its anxiety, depression, exam stress, bullying, bereavement, abuse, family problems or anything else. Our child counselling will help your child open up and guide them through.

Even as adults it can be scary to ask for help from friends and family. Because we might feel embarrassed, think we are to blame or fear being judged. So, consider how daunting that could be for a child. Especially if they are experiencing something they don’t fully understand

Our counselling for children will enable your child/young person the opportunity to talk through how they feel, without the fear of being judged. Speaking to a counsellor, away from their home and school life, can take away some of the pressure.

Counselling for children offers a safe place for your child to express their feeling. In order to understand what might have led to them feeling this way.

What happens in child counselling

The methods our child therapist used will depend on your child’s age, situation and their development. There are a number of methods that may be used to encourage children to express their feelings. For example, the reading stories and talking about the feelings of a specific character can help them understand the emotion. Then in turn, encourage them to discuss their own feelings. Or alternatively, drawing, painting or drama can help the child express themselves better.

Older children may prefer talking therapy. This is down to the child and the counsellor, who will discuss the situation together to learn what method will be most beneficial. Although different methods may be used for child counselling, the aim of child therapy is to help your child cope better with their feelings and find a way forward and enjoy life again.

We always obtain parental consent before we support a child through counselling. That was we are able to make sure the parent or carer is involved from the very start. We take children’s safety seriously so will therefore, will always share any concerns with the school and parents, if we’re worried that a child is in danger.

If you would like some more information about our child therapy or would like to make and appointment to see a child therapist. Please contact CBT and Counselling Kent todayRequest an appointment

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