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“After living in constant fear and a state of heightened anxiety for over 15 years which was controlled, only partially, by medication, I decided that the time had come to change and to seek private counselling.”

“I hated my medication but could not live with the suicidal thoughts which came into my head if I stopped taking it. I needed a sympathetic, understanding ear but I have a strong character and people do find me to be aggressive. My need was for someone who could see through the blinds I had put up and help me. I was sceptical that after so long, I could receive any effective help”

“Oh how wrong I was. Sian is empathic, tolerant and patient. In the early stages of our relationship, I argued with her (often vociferously) every step of the way. She stayed with me. I’m not sure how she has worked her magic because I’m pretty sure that my input was minimal”

“For the first time in a very long time, I no longer shudder when the phone rings or hide away in my office ignoring the work piling up on my desk. My temper is improved and I am free from pills and I no longer think about ending my life. Sian Jones is one of those rare gems who actually make a difference to people’s lives”

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