Sian Jones – Dealing with anxiety Ashford

“I decided to try CBT Ashford with Sian because I needed some help for dealing with anxiety. I was getting so anxious and panicky about travelling to new places and I wanted to learn different ways of dealing with situations rather than panicking; to make a difference to my self esteem and confidence; and to change my quality of life.

“Through the use of CBT Sian helped me to talk through things and helped me think in a different way rather than what I thought was true. It feels like a big accomplishment not to keep having unhelpful thoughts and now I’m much less obsessive”

“I’m much more calm as a person about everything, as a result of recognising the power of what I choose to do with my thoughts and the way I behave. The most important practical changes I’ve made are: being able to travel much further; being open to go to new places and relaxing”

“In the past I used to make excuses such as not going to social event because I thought I wasn’t good enough but now I can see that people like being with me, because I’m friendly and fun and have a nice personality and interested in others”

“There’s so much more to my life now. I now feel able to step outside my comfort zone and feel the good feeling after! In the past I would never have been able to get on a bus without knowing exactly the route but now I can go anywhere! I feel safer and happier within myself and more relaxed and in control, whereas before I felt trapped”

“Thank you Sian”

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