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private counselling

Why opt for private counselling?

In an ideal world, help with our mental health would be free for everyone on the NHS. And there would be no waiting list. However, unfortunately we don’t live in an ideal world.  And there is not a bottomless pit of money available. Therefore, private counselling is an alternative option for some people.

We offer private counselling and private cognitive behavioural therapy at a number of locations across Kent. We won’t hold you to a fixed day and time. Instead we will fit your sessions around a time that is convenient to you.

What to expect from private counselling.

Many people find the idea of entering in to therapy, counselling or cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) daunting. Not only might they be opening themselves up for the very first time, they’ll also be opening up to a complete stranger. Many people express concerns such as “what will they think of me?” or “will they judge me or think I’m weak?” However, our therapists understand that the pain or upset a person may feel is, more often than not, due to an unfortunate set of life experiences. And is certainly not the ‘fault’ of anyone for which they might be ‘judged’.

After taking the first tentative steps, most people find; because the therapist is a complete stranger, it actually has a liberating effect. It’s reassuring to know hat everything discussed during your session will remain between you and your therapist. Complete confidence and trust is essential to the process of therapy and is a principle to which we are ethically and professionally bound.

There is no particular point in life when people come to private Counselling Kent, but it’s often when confronted by a sense of not being able to move forward, or change. Significant events such as bereavement and loss, anxiety, depression or relationship difficulties.

If you are interested in having private counselling for any kind of problem then please contact us at CBT and Counselling Kent Today. Request an appointment

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