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Do you struggle to control how jealous & insecure you are?

Jealousy is a natural emotion but it can be painful, difficult to control and often destabilises our relationships.

It occurs most commonly within a romantic relationship, although it can occur between siblings and other family members, in friendships and in professional relationships.

Suspicion and an attempt to reach absolute certainty about whether the other person is betraying your trust may be impossibility. Therefore, the desire to know may simply lead to greater anxiety and frustration often leading to possessiveness and intimidating or controlling behaviour.

A small amount of jealousy can be good. For example, if it’s mild and well-managed it can help a couple to appreciate each other. However, extreme jealousy can destroy relationships and damage your health. Often issue arise when your spouse hasn’t done anything wrong and yet you regularly feel jealous or insecure

When someone feels jealous, they feel that someone or a situation is threatening something that they value highly, especially a relationship. Jealousy can make you feel angry, anxious and threatened. You might become hyper-vigilant, oversensitive and possessive.

Self-help and further reading

How To Overcome Jealousy, Insecurity and Trust Issues” Save Your Relationship, Love Life and Emotions. By Sofia Price (2015)

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