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My name is Lorna Ashley and I’m BACP registered Integrative Counsellor, based at CBT and Counselling Sidcup practice. Being an integrative counsellor means I draw upon different elements of specific therapies, which allow me to be flexible in the way I work in order to achieve the best outcome for you. I don’t believe there is a one size that fits all approach.

My counselling practice is the result of a lifelong journey of growth and interest in people, complementary therapy and health; both physically and mentally. My life has taken a few twists and turns but I have kept on the path to doing what I love and what I’m passionate about.  Working with non-invasive treatments on a holistic level enables me a deeper understanding of how to take care of ourselves.

At CBT and Counselling Sidcup I nurture well-being to promote a positive transition for change, fulfilment and self-awareness. My experience is varied. Throughout my life and career there have been many challenges and I’m often humbled at how I am constantly learning by what is shared working through many of life’s issues.


I have gained extensive experience through my clinical work with people from many different backgrounds, cultures and age groups. Alongside my private practice at CBT and Counselling Sidcup, I also work as a clinical volunteer for a bereavement charity. This has enabled me a good understanding of grief and loss and how unique the experience is for each us. Additionally, I offer support in a supervisory capacity to a charity that provides a space for those feeling suicidal.

Following the completion of pathology, anatomy and physiology exams I qualified as a Reflexologist alongside being trained in Reiki. I’m also qualified in personal training and nutrition and have continued evolving my interest in holistic well-being and counselling.

How I can support you

Life happens and it’s not always kind. The things we thought we had a handle on and believed we could cope with, can suddenly seem uncertain, confusing and overwhelming. The thoughts and feelings that arise can leave us feeling unable to make sense of it all.

Your inner world can be very different to your external world. How you feel you have to be seen or heard, can lead to conflicting emotions. Old habits and behaviours are not always helpful or healthy, although we don’t necessarily know any other way of being. Peer pressure, society, our environment, social media or the demands of everyday life can bring up difficulties.

I am passionate in what I do and committed to working ethically and safely to help you overcome any challenges you may face.

Together we can walk your emotional journey and explore what could be going on for you. Being heard and talking freely in a safe, confidential, non-judgemental space can be incredibly empowering in understanding who you are and how you can be more true to you. Whilst navigating your own path for growth and development

I have experience in every kind of problem, including counselling for anxiety, counselling for depression. Anger management and relationship problems

Ethical Standards

I subscribe to and work within the BACP ethical framework and undertake regular professional development and supervision. Alongside having professional indemnity insurance.

If you would like to book an appointment to come and see me at CBT & Counselling Sidcup  then please contact me via CBT & Counselling Kent today. Request To See Lorna


Qualifications & Training

Dip, Integrative Therapeutic Counselling
Certificate in Psychodynamic Counselling
Bereavement Care Training – Ascentis Accredited
Suicide Awareness Training
Couple Dynamics Training
Refuge Domestic Violence Awareness
General Anxiety Disorder




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