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Counselling for Children

Our therapists at CBT and Counselling Kent understand that it can feel like a big step seeking counselling for children or teenages. However, we aim to make it a little less daunting for you. There few things more worrying as a parent or caregiver than your child experiencing emotional difficulties.

Young people can feel under huge pressure in modern life. Bullying (including cyber bullying) exam stress, divorce, peer pressure or the burden of social media are all common problems.

Young people may secretly struggle emotionally but find it difficult to tell somebody close to them, often through embarrassment or a fear of being judged. If young person internalises their problems it can result in them engaging in unhealthy behaviours. However, you and they don’t have to cope alone, we can help.

How our counselling for children can help

Our counsellors will help your child deal with issues that are causing emotional pain or uncomfortable feelings. Therapy provides a safe and regular space for them to express and explore difficult feelings. Counsellors won’t offer advice or ‘fix the problem’. But they do help find new insight and ways of understanding problems in a consturctive way. Therefore, reducing the negative impact.

Sometimes it’s easier to talk to a stranger than to parents, relatives or friends. During the session the counsellor will listen and help to find answers to problems. Without judging, dictating or patronising.

Counselling can often involve talking about difficult or painful feelings. It’s quite common for children to feel a great sense of relief when they finally talk about their issues.

Our child therapists use different therapeutic techniques to help your child gain a better understanding of themselves and their relationships. We can help your child manage the challenges of mental health problems and navigate their way round life’s challenges.  Doing this at an early point can provide young adults with a significant advantage for the rest of their lives.

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More information about young peoples mental help click – Young Minds Charity

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