How emotionally intelligent people express anger/frustration

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Anger management   One of the most common reason people contact us at CBT and Counselling Kent is for anger management Canterbury. One of our therapists explains how best to understand and manage anger. Most of us don’t like confrontation and will avoid it where possible. However, it’s a fact of life that we can’t …

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Steps To Help You Stop Worrying About Things You Can’t Change

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Dealing with anxiety People often come to CBT and Counselling Kent looking for help in dealing with anxiety. If you struggle with persistent anxiety, it is likely that excessive worrying is partly to blame. Although you may sometimes feel worrying is beneficial in that it protects us from being unprepared or caught off guard, for …

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Mindfulness   When people search for CBT therapy near me it’s often because they are experiencing anxiety. One effective techniques our CBT therapists use during cognitive behavioural therapy sessions is mindfulness. As the name suggests, mindfulness means that the mind is fully foucussed on what’s happening and what you’re doing ‘right now’. That might seem …

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